Friends in Nature


Hang Out groups are an opportunity for you to regularly meet with a few people and allow your life to interact with theirs. We have hang out groups in Kids Church, youth, young adults and through the adult church.

We hope that you can become part (or start!) a group of people that you can build real relationships with, who you can support and who you can receive support from. Hang Out groups can be massively varied – a few people or families who live near you, they could revolve around an activity together or a shared interest, meet in a café, meet in a home, meet at church, meet at 6am, meet at the Warriors game – there are lots of different kinds of group!

God made us to be inter-dependent. Hang Outs are a superb way of fulfilling that in a way that is real and special. We simply encourage you to be involved with other people’s lives in a regular and on-going way.