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Fans of Unus Annus merch may be wondering if the band's live stream will continue after their band's disbandment. The answer is yes, but it's not clear when the stream will end. Mark and Ethan first launched their channel in 2013, where they adopted the Annus persona. They chose colors based on their own preferences, with white and black being the most popular. Later, they decided to merge the two characters into one.

Unus Annus Wallet Cards

The second-to-last day of the channel featured the Annual Sleepover. It was typical, with a sleepover, friends making friendship bracelets, and Mark shooting Ethan with a paintball gun. But the highlight of the video was when the boys decided to get a tattoo of Unus Annus in the live stream. In the video, Ethan confessed his sins to the tattoo artist.



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