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Freedom Prayer is a gentle, yet powerful process of Holy Spirit-led inner healing. The freedom tools we use reveal the root of issues that can impact on the way you do life. Freedom Prayer can help you identify belief systems that are affecting your thinking, behaviour, and understanding of what God is like and how he views you. Through Freedom Prayer you will be empowered to know truth from God that sets you free.


Freedom Prayer is for you if:

  • you want a closer personal relationship with God

  • you struggle to connect with God or God feels distant

  • you want to be able to know & understand how God speaks to you

  • you want more freedom in your life – for example; freedom from addictions, negative thoughts & behaviours, low self-esteem & insecurities, fear, anxiety & depression

  • you want inner healing – for example; healing from heart wounds, hurts & disappointments


A Freedom Prayer appointment is free of charge and is 90 min long. It is facilitated by our Freedom Prayer Team and takes place in the church counselling centre.


If you would like to know more information contact us here.


Register via the church app or at the church info desk. More information will be sent to you once you register. 

Testimonies of MCBC members who have had Freedom Prayer this year:


Through Freedom Prayer I have freedom from a range of lies I had been believing about myself and about God. I am now living from a place of deeper love and trust in him.


Through Freedom Prayer I learned so many truths about my life from God. This has allowed me to connect with God more. The team did an awesome Job to reassure me of those truths.


I felt trapped by certain emotions and moods and felt weighed down. Through Freedom Prayer God lifted the weight off and reconnected with me in a deep personal way. Now I feel full of joy, free, and weightless.

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