What is a Christian? How can you grow your faith?

Here you can find some resources to help you learn more about Jesus.

What does a Christian believe
​when they choose to follow Jesus?

Read 30 key things here + ask for a free Believe book & cards at church.

A daily 5min video series with
thought provoking questions
exploring a hope-filled look into the Christian faith.

An easy-to-read snapshot series 
covering the 12 fundamental beliefs of the Christian faith as they appear in the bible. 

An excellent, free 9 week course (now avail. online) exploring all of life's big questions. Watch trailer below and contact us for details.

Explore a series of 20min Kiwi-made videos, unfolding the story of the bible with relevant topics to answer your questions about faith.

Come find out the core things every follower of Jesus needs to know for life 6pm almost every Sunday night of the year + food.


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We have a range of courses to grow you and your faith.

Core Discipleship, Alpha, Life's Healing Choices,
& The Marriage Course